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Hello! My name is Leland Miller. I enjoy spending time with my family and getting outdoors when I have the chance. As far as computers go, I always enjoy learning about programming languages, operating systems, and anything else about how computers work or could work in the future. The design of programming languages and information storage systems is particularly interesting to me as there are many different approaches to these problems and solutions borrow ideas from a vast set of interdisciplinary fields.

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  • Miller, L., Abas, K., & Obraczka, K. (2015, August). Scmesh: Solar-powered wireless smart camera mesh network. In Computer Communication and Networks (ICCCN), 2015 24th International Conference on (pp. 1-8). IEEE. (IEEE Xplore)

  • Abas, K., Obraczka, K., & Miller, L. (2018). Solar-Powered, Wireless Smart Camera Network: An IoT Solution for Outdoor Video Monitoring. Computer Communications. (Elsevier)